Monday, September 29, 2008


The Bail-out failed.

In your face Bush!!

Please read this excerpt from the the New York Times :"It was a catastrophic political defeat for President Bush, who had put the full weight of the White House behind the measure and had lobbied wavering Republicans in intensely personal telephone calls on Monday morning before the vote. "

Here is a link to the article in entirety


My friend sent this to me the other day. It made me smile. Especially today, when I really needed it. Thanks Shimil!!! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We love Long Beach's neighborhood picnic

I really like this group and I like their message of neighboorhood unity. Not so hot on Suja Lowenthal though. However, I feel that as citizens of Long beach we can eat on her dime since we had to pay for a special election when she decided to run for the 2nd District Councilseat while she was a member of the Board of Education. Sigh . . .

Hope to see you all there.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Grandma Piggie and the lack of internet!!!

Hey everyone!

Once again, I missed the post of the daring Bakers.  I have been in Arkansas for the last almost three weeks, checking on my much adored Grandma Piggie.

She recently had knee surgery and in the aftermath had a stroke.   After daily reports about her weakened condition. My friend Janet, got me a ticket, and the boys and I have been out here since.  Ever since our arrival, she has been getting much better.  

I finally got online today after being at her house with no internet, no cable and no dvd player.

I can not wait to get back to Long Beach, my camera, and my CSA.  
When I get back, I will grovel to the daring bakers and try to get back in and actually make something. :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daring Baker's chaallenge for June.

For eveyonethat came to my blog looking for my daring bakers post. You are gonna have to come bak like in two days. Since I broke my camera, it's been really hard for me to get anyone to let me borrow their's. More on that story later . . . I will have a post up by mid-week. So . . . come back then.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sigh . . . .

Not that I have any subscribers, but I do apologize for the lack of posting in the last few weeks.  My camera that I broke, (Someone stepped on it, because I left it in a skirt pocket and the LCD got wrecked) is now really broke.  

I guess that I feel that blogs should have pitcures to go with my post, so I have not been posting.  But I guess that another aspcect of blogging is writing to vent or to share regardless of photos.  So I guess that is what this post is.

In case, you don't know.  I am currently a stay at home mom and my baby is driving me crazy this week.  I know he is grumpy and clingy because he is sick, but it certainl does not make it less draining and kinda isolating at the same time.  I'm sure the fact that he is teething does not make it any better.

 For the last 10 minutes, Reid has been chasing me around the house screaming as he goes.  So I went to the bedroom to ride it out and listen to KPCC for a few minutes, as not to lose my little bit of saniity.    A few moments later,h  e finds  me and when I pick him up He clings to me so tight, and I feel really bad for running from him.   He smiled at me, and started to wave and I felt better.  But  now he is making a grab for my mouse and  keyboard and the rubber band on my wrist.    I am so tired, but I think it is time to take a walk and get him out of the house.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CSA Continued . . .

So here are some photos of what was in the CSA Box:

This is a closeup of the zucchini, carrots, squash, beets, and kale

This closeup is meant to show you the different varieties of beets that were in the box

And this is a nice shot of the carrots Kale and the few squashes that were in mine.
Like I said before, every box has essentially the same things, but they all varied slightly.