Sunday, September 21, 2008

We love Long Beach's neighborhood picnic

I really like this group and I like their message of neighboorhood unity. Not so hot on Suja Lowenthal though. However, I feel that as citizens of Long beach we can eat on her dime since we had to pay for a special election when she decided to run for the 2nd District Councilseat while she was a member of the Board of Education. Sigh . . .

Hope to see you all there.


ilovelbtoo said...

There would have been a special election anyway to fill the seat. You do realize that Suja is the one that is supporting and helping this group bring your neighbors together, right? Would probably want to reconsider going since you're not so hot on her.

Inarosie said...

Hey ilovelbtoo!

First, thanks so much for leaving a commment.

Even though I am not so hot on Suja, it doesn't mean that I won't attend. You will see me there with my boyfriend, my two boys, and maybe several friends.

As I said earlier, I like the "We love Long Beach group" and I like going to their neighbohood picnics. I met some very nice people from their group at the first picnic and at the stroll and savor. However, if "We love Long Beach" had a fund-raiser for Suja, I would not attend.

Now that you have engaged me, I will make it a point to do a bit of research on Suja and make sure that I have my facts straights on that particular election.